CleanLight fights mildew and botrytis on crops with UV light. CleanLight UV crop protection is a clean and effective way to protect plants against diseases and improve the quality. CleanLight is effective against fungusses, viruses and bacteria.

In the professional horticulture is CleanLight currently active in more than 20 countries. Even hobby gardeners suffer from mildew or botrytis on their crops. The CleanLight products are plug and play products that are easy to use. CleanLight provides products for UV crop protection, UV air purification, wUV ater treatment & UV surface disinfection.

CleanLight is a special UV light which is just strong enough to kill fungi, viruses and bacteria, but the plants and crops won't be harmed. CleanLight is therefore an organic and environmentally friendly method to combat diseases. CleanLight is natural sunlight causing that the resilience and quality of the plant will be enlarged and improved.

Because CleanLight leaves no residues on the plants and crops, it can be used in all stages, even just before harvesting. Especially for edible crops this is very relevant. There is no license needed to be able to apply CleanLight, everybody is allowed to use CleanLight.

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